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    Hey Long time no write..
    Something cool happen at a Punks show:

    On January 11th the Atomic Punks played at the Whiskey. We had Jon Tempesta ( Who also comes to Metal Shop) Blasco and Carol his hot wife, from Rob Zombie.

    But I think the highlight of the show was Zakk Wyld joining us for Crazy Trian..
    This guy fucking Rocked and the crowd went crazy for real..
    I mean he fucking Ruled..
    We hung out for a while after the show and then we all went to the Studio to hear the new Black Label Society record. Zakk was really excited to play it for us..
    He woke up the in house engineer and turned this shit so load I thought my ears were goiong explode. I secretly tore off a piece of kleenex and stuffed it in my ear without Zakk noticing.
    Now I have heard all of the last stuff Zakk has done with his solo band.
    But this new record fucking Rocks. The production is amazing. Total Heavy Metal tunes with guitar solos that burn..
    He air guitared every song for us..
    He was like a little kid showing off his new big wheel.
    All the hot stripper chicks couldn't help but rip off all thier clothes and start making out with each other.. (Wow that was just a random wishful thought that just came out sorry. it was all guys listening to metal)

    He played the whole record and then told us stories about Ozzy and he thoughts on his time with Eddie Van Halen..
    We talked about Van Halen and ozzy for about and hour..
    I know I writting alot about this but I had a great time and got to hang with one of the coolest guitar players.
    We exchanged numbers and called it a night..
    When his new record comes out go fucking buy it, it's really good..
    Check out the Pictures :

    Diary for January 20th Viper Room Show.

    Ok here it goes.
    Gary Cheron open the show with his new ass kickin' band. I have to say you know how I feel about Gary and the Van Halen thing. This band was the shit. Great songs great players and Gary sounded amazing.. I watch from the side in a booth with Michael Anthony of Van Halen. That's right Michael Anothony himself. He joined Gary for a Van Halen tune "Somebody Get me a Doctor" that he sang himself with Gary on back up.. Then Neuno B. joined them for some Led Zep.

    Gary was the coolest guy I had a chacne to hang with him in our dressing room for a while and we just talked about....... VH of course.. Gary turns out to be the biggest David Lee Roth fan, which most likely pissed of Eddie back when they were working together.

    Well it's time for Metal shop. We hit the stage and open with "Rock you Like a Hurricane" into.. fuck I can't remember what we played second but I can remember what we played 3rd cause we got Michael Anothony up to jam with us.. What a cool fuckin guy.. Rachette fucked with him hard and he gave it right back to him.. Before we startyed playing with him Rachette said to me, "I know your pissed at Gary for taking your job you've always wanted and never getting a chance to audition for the band, But lets face it dude your just a chubby version of David Lee Roth. Who wants that? Anyway." I told Rachette that I'm a skinny version of Vince Neil..
    Then Michael says, "Hey you better do good cause I'm auditioning you right now mother fucker!" So then we busted into Unchained..Then we played "Hot For Teacher".
    I had a chance to sit and talk to Michael before he joined us on stage. We talked about Van Halen of course. I told him I was so thankful and grateful to him for making such great music for us to play. Michael 's response to that was, "Thank you for keeping Van Halen alive" That fucking blew me away.
    We then talked about what songs we were going to do together. He wanted me to pick the songs and I wanted him to pick the songs. So I did just that. I told him, "Hang em High" and "Full Bug" He didn't say a word he just gave me this blank stare and I said, "I'm just kidding" He starting laughing cause if you play bass you know those songs are really fuckin hard to play.
    Especially if you have not played them in 20 years.

    Michael, Gary and every other rock star that played or just hung out were really cool and a pleasure to be around.

    Also, Michael mentioned that he was planning on coming down and joining us on stage at the House of Blues on January 31st. Now that would rule!!!!!!

    Here is Ratchet's perspective:

    Fuck. HEAVY METAL RULES! Michael Anthony totally jams even when he's drunk. Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan reunited in the name of bringing Heavy Metal back. They got up and jammed with us and as soon as the crowd figured out who they were Gary Cherone got up and we played Extremes' hit song, More Than Words. I totally fucked up the chords somewhere in the middle, but it didn't matter cuz we had all heard enough of it by then.
    Then I did a guitar solo, and blew the fucking crowds nuts off. By the time I was done blazing, I had girls AND guys wanting to suck my fucking nob. My two handed tapping technique ( I use 9 fingers on the fretboard) was so fast people had a hard time telling one note from the next. I totally rule. All in all the whole night was great, but my solo really stood out as something special, you know? I definitely rule.


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    This topic is already going here so I'm going to close this one down. [img]smile.gif[/img]



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