Having been absent from the VH discussion scene for a longggggggggggggg time, it's a miracle that I still had my password in my email folder, because I'd long forgotten it. With nothing but frustration and longing in my heart for the musicians I loved, the musicians that seemingly refused to interact with their fans in any meaningful way, I checked out VHND.COM on occasion, saw the rumblings, but never gave it any meaningful attention until there were official announcements from the band.

After the Grammies and supposed summer release, nothing was concrete and rumours came and went. I remained ever hopeful. but after the summer came and went and the Grammies came and went, I refused to give up any more excitement for disappointment until official word came, if it ever did, on Van Halen's return with no music.

Thankfully, that day has arrived, and thus, The Mighty Watcher, a fan since Women And Children First was released, has returned to discuss Van Halen. To quote another band that influence Van Halen, "It's been a long time since I rock and rolled."

I cannot wait to get back into the groove, both on this board and with the new music. It feels absolutely wonderful to be back in the thick of it again. I hope to share many glorious convos with you all.

Happy New Year!