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    Default Mercer survey : Top world cities

    Mercer conducts an annual survey of 200 or so of the world's cities and ranks them according to 39 criteria. The basic survey is the quality of living one, but this year they also made a table based on personal safety.

    Happy to see that my city, Dusseldorf, is joint 5th on quality of living and joint 11th for personal safety, in the world.

    City Rankings

    Mercer Quality of Living Survey - Worldwide Rankings, 2011
    Rank City Country
    1 Vienna Austria
    2 Zurich Switzerland
    3 Auckland New Zealand
    4 Munich Germany
    5 Düsseldorf Germany
    5 Vancouver Canada
    7 Frankfurt Germany
    8 Geneva Switzerland
    9 Bern Switzerland
    9 Copenhagen Denmark
    11 Sydney Australia
    12 Amsterdam Netherlands
    13 Wellington New Zealand
    14 Ottawa Canada
    15 Toronto Canada
    16 Hamburg Germany
    17 Berlin Germany
    18 Melbourne Australia
    19 Luxembourg Luxembourg
    20 Stockholm Sweden
    21 Perth Australia
    22 Brussels Belgium
    22 Montreal Canada
    24 Nurnberg Germany
    25 Singapore Singapore
    26 Canberra Australia
    26 Dublin Ireland
    28 Stuttgart Germany
    29 Honolulu, HI United States
    30 Adelaide Australia
    30 Paris France
    30 San Francisco, CA United States
    33 Calgary Canada
    33 Oslo Norway
    35 Helsinki Finland
    36 Boston, MA United States
    37 Brisbane Australia
    38 London United Kingdom
    39 Lyon France
    40 Barcelona Spain
    41 Lisbon Portugal
    42 Milan Italy
    43 Chicago, IL United States
    43 Madrid Spain
    43 Washington, DC United States
    46 Tokyo Japan
    47 New York City, NY United States
    48 Seattle, WA United States
    49 Kobe Japan
    49 Pittsburgh, PA United States
    49 Yokohama Japan

    Personal Safety Ranking, 2011*
    Rank City Country
    1 Luxembourg Luxembourg
    2 Bern Switzerland
    2 Helsinki Finland
    2 Zurich Switzerland
    5 Vienna Austria
    6 Geneva Switzerland
    6 Stockholm Sweden
    8 Singapore Singapore
    9 Auckland New Zealand
    9 Wellington New Zealand
    11 Copenhagen Denmark
    11 Düsseldorf Germany
    11 Frankfurt Germany
    11 Munich Germany
    11 Nurnberg Germany
    16 Dublin Ireland
    17 Amsterdam Netherlands
    17 Calgary Canada
    17 Montreal Canada
    17 Ottawa Canada
    17 Toronto Canada
    17 Vancouver Canada
    23 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
    24 Oslo Norway
    25 Canberra Australia
    25 Melbourne Australia
    25 Perth Australia
    25 Sydney Australia
    29 Muscat Oman
    30 Ljubljana Slovenia
    31 Kobe Japan
    31 Nagoya Japan
    31 Osaka Japan
    31 Tokyo Japan
    31 Yokohama Japan
    36 Berlin Germany
    36 Hamburg Germany
    36 Hong Kong Hong Kong
    39 Dubai United Arab Emirates
    40 Brussels Belgium
    40 Pointe-à-Pitre Guadeloupe
    42 Leipzig Germany
    42 Stuttgart Germany
    44 Aberdeen United Kingdom
    44 Glasgow United Kingdom
    46 Limassol Cyprus
    47 Lisbon Portugal
    47 Prague Czech Republic
    49 Bratislava Slovakia
    50 Adelaide Australia
    50 Brisbane Australia
    *Mercer’s Personal Safety Ranking 2011 is based on measures of internal stability, crime levels, law enforcement effectiveness and host country international relations.

    EDIT. Criteria for standard of living.

    Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey Criteria :

    Political and Social Environment

    Relationship with other Countries
    Internal Stability
    Law Enforcement
    Ease of Entry and Exit

    Economic Environment

    Currency Exchange Regulations
    Banking Services

    Socio-Cultural Environment

    Limitation on Personal Freedom
    Media and Censorship

    Medical and Health Considerations

    Hospital Services
    Medical Supplies
    Infectious Diseases
    Water Potability
    Waste removal
    Air Pollution
    Troublesome and Destructive
    Animals and Insects

    Schools and Education


    Natural Environment

    Record of Natural

    Public Services and Transport

    Water Availability
    Public Transport
    Traffic Congestion


    Variety of Restaurants
    Theatrical and Musical
    Sport and Leisure Activities

    Consumer Goods

    Meat and Fish
    Fruits and Vegetables
    Daily Consumption Items
    Alcoholic Beverages


    Household Appliances
    and Furniture
    Household Maintenance
    and Repair
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    A man could lose himself in a country like this.

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    I always enjoy these surveys. Statistics are our friends.
    Signature not currently available. You aren't missing much.



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