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Thread: Sup guys.....

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    Just saying hello. I'm a frequent poster over at the PD....just thought I'd say hi to some other peeps! Michael Jackson is some character huh? If you saw Grant's link and looked thru the thread, you would have seen me flamin' the crap out of him! Heh. What a jokester. Oh well, hope to see you all soon.

    Hey visit me at the Pleasure Dome at
    "Bottoms Up!!"
    Oooooo! U 8 1 2??????

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    Welcome to VHForums, TimPabs1.

    Glad to have you aboard.

    PD is a definite work in progress, huh? The place is running rampant with oddballs, from what I've seen.

    (And those are only the Moderators. LOL )

    I kid because I care...

    "Hey Down, my brotha, never ever forget your priorities... Beer first, trash second." - A life lesson, courtesy of track 5

    Official Bartender Of VHForums

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    12.15.18 @ 01:07 AM
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    Welcome aboard there timpabs1 dude

    That was one of the more... entertaing posts I've read for a while (that MJ character). Cewrtainly he went into some detail. Guess time will tell with him as with all insiders though

    Anyways gonna move this to metting plac (non music) forum, where all the meet 'n greets happen round this part.. Dive in dude, make yaself at home and have some fun

    A little zen... Headed your way...



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