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    05.20.18 @ 12:47 PM
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    Default 1979 Promo videos -- New info?

    Over the years, I've tried to 'clean-up' the dates of old VH bootlegs -- trying to get the most accurate catalog of the Club Days and early shows -- and then sharing the info. with fellow traders. What are bad dates, wrong cities/locations, etc... For example...

    And I found a bunch of people that went to high school with the band...

    I'm still curious about the Holy-Grail Oakland 1981 shows... and the 1979 WB videos...

    Well, I'm not sure if this is widely-known or not...

    But those 3 Pro-shot WB promo videos -- "Dance The Night Away", "You're No Good", and "Bottom's Up!" -- from VHII, are, of course, all over YouTube. I caught one version where there were credits listed at the end, and noticed the name of the Production company... "Gowers/Fields/Flattery".

    I was able to track down Flattery. He is still in 'the business' in Los Angeles. Here is his email...

    "We (Gowers, Fields, Flattery) did two shows in the NY State - Syracuse and I want to say Rochester, I want to say. It was just three songs and they were:"Bottoms Up", "Dance The Night Away" and "TBA."
    Those days it was 16mm film and only those songs would be shot. Ownership and masters would be WB and/or VH mgt.
    If I recall anthing else,I will email you."

    Syracuse was 5/17 & Rochester 5/18. Interesting to hear the whole show was not shot (damn it!)... I wonder if that goes for Oakland too?...

    For what it's worth....
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    05.20.18 @ 01:03 PM
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    Good job! I just don't get only filming a couple of songs though. Sadly, I don't think there is ANY full length pro shot concerts of the early days that will ever see the light of day. A shame considering how influential and legendary they once were.

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    05.20.18 @ 12:45 PM
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    Another case solved by the VHLinks Detective Agency.

    Too bad they didn't do the whole show!!!
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    05.20.18 @ 12:38 PM
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    That version of "Bottoms Up" is nails! Listen closely to the "average bass player" ...

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