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    05.16.18 @ 11:48 AM
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    Bizarre Photo Op: First Lady Michelle Obama at Target


    *So how did famed Associated Press photographer Charles Dharapak just so happen to catch the first lady shopping at Target?

    Dharapak confirmed to CBS News that the pics of Michelle Obama – in a Nike baseball cap, shades and neon green underlay under a floral print, button-down blouse – were indeed taken by him at the Tarjjay on Route 1 in Alexandria, Virginia.

    The White House even released a statement confirming the sighting once inquiries about the photos began pouring in.

    “It is not uncommon for the First Lady to slip out to run an errand, eat at a local restaurant or otherwise enjoy the city outside the White House gates,” said Mrs. Obama’s communications director Kristina Schake.

    But the White House has yet to comment on whether it tipped off Dharapak.

    FLOTUS is seen in the pics at the checkout line and leaving the store with a pair of Target bags, pushing a shopping cart – a stark contrast to a photo taken two days ago by Dharapak showing the first lady at the White House in a sleek blue pencil skirt, high heels and a ruffled blouse.

    The AP reported that Secret Service agents, dressed casually, arrived at the store 30 minutes before the first lady, who shopped with an assistant. She reportedly spent 30-40 minutes shopping and was only recognized by her cashier.

    The first lady has a history with Target. She wore a dress from the retail chain in Phoenix in August 2009. In the 2008 presidential campaign, Mrs. Obama proudly proclaimed herself “more of a Target shopper,” saying she preferred the store to Wal-Mart.
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    05.21.18 @ 07:26 PM
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    Good golly I was just saying to myself this morning "I wonder where Mrs. Obama shops" - now that's cleared out of my mind. If someone can just snap a picture of Mr. O. coming out of the shitter at Stuckey's, then my day will be complete and I can get on with my life!



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