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Thread: CF3 Review

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    05.25.18 @ 02:42 PM
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    Default CF3 Review

    OK, listened to it 4 times tonight via its stream at AOL.

    Best song by FAR, and the only sublime masterpiece IMO...UP NEXT.
    Amazing song and the only incredible guitar solo on the record.
    Fantastic lyric as well.
    Will go into playlists on the iPod.

    Also love
    -verses of Lighten Up
    -chorus on Last Temptation
    -parts of Something Gone Wrong

    Different Devil, good comp but way too commercial for me. Taylor Swift or Faith Hill could record this.

    The major disappointment for me is Joe's guitar solos. I just don't get them. The guy is great at rhythm playing and all the fill riffs, but the solo SECTIONS don't work 80% of the time for me.

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    Dude there's a whole thread for reviews. Closing this. Please post it there.
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