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    Default CF Live -- Awesome


    Ok, so I know most have seen this clip (FITP from Buzz Live) . . but I hadn't. I love this tune and had seen most every other version.

    How good is this? I think I'm wet.

    Seriously, this is f'in fantastic. Thank goodness Sam got out of VH so he could stretch out and do new material. As much as I love VH, I just see a need anymore to hear the same riffs recycled.


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    Hell yes, the def rock it out live, and it's funny at the end when Sammy messes up the last versus and starts laughing at himself as if to say, ahh to hell with it lol .. the entire DVD is awesome though, you should absolutely pick it up if you don't have it.
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    If aliens came down and challenged us to a Battle of the Bands to decide the fate of Planet Earth, I would feel very confident putting early Van Halen forward as our champion." -Tom Morello

    "A lot of bands mature, which means they get square; they start delivering messages. Hey, you got a message, use Western Union." -DLR



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