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View Poll Results: Standard Security or Enhanced Security?

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  • Standard

    1 16.67%
  • Enhanced

    5 83.33%
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    Default Airline Security Options Poll

    Okay, here's the scenario:

    You buy an airline ticket. Two types of flights are available. They both leave at the same time.

    Option one: Standard Security, which is old-school security. You arrive whenever, put your carry-on on the treadmill and go through the metal detector. (Of course you get "wanded" if you set off the detector.) The security guard might pull you aside if you look unusually suspicious. That's about it.

    Option two: Enhanced Security, new-school security. Every passenger arrives at least an hour before the flight. Every passenger gets the full TSA treatment: Shoes off, x-ray, no liquids, no nail clippers, the works.

    Both flights are the same price.
    Which do you choose and why?

    Don't read this.

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    if both are available to everyone, i'll take the enhanced security. Nothing like telling would be terrorists "Yo, flight A is the easy way to go". I'll be on flight B.



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