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Thread: LSD

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    03.31.15 @ 06:34 PM
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    Default LSD

    Found this article on MSN today about Lead Singer Disease, and DLR and Sam were both featured.

    David Lee Roth

    The patron saint, if there is such a thing, of LSD is the original lead singer of the band Van Halen, whose ego was so visibly out of control when the band was at the peak of its success that his departure led to an international scandal. Roth was always kind of silly, but when you look back now at the first few years of Van Halen -- the hair, the pursed lips, the high kicks -- it's hard to believe just how famous they were. Famous enough that Roth started talking publicly about how he was the reason for the band's success, the real star, the straw that stirred the drink. Mr. Van Halen disputed this notion. So Roth became Diamond Dave, made some solo records and can now be seen, uh, still talking about how he was the real star of Van Halen . . . 25 years ago.

    Sammy Hagar

    As ridiculous as David Lee Roth was, he was a model of taste compared with his Van Halen replacement. Sammy Hagar represents an interesting corollary to LSD: a performer who is at heart a company man (never any question who the boss was in that band) and who still displayed many of the classic symptoms of a hopeless lead singer (bare skin, ridiculous moves, a party-all-the-time attitude and an ego the size of the St. Louis Arch). Since his time in the band, Hagar has pillaged the Mexican town of Cabo San Lucas for tourist dollars and was recently seen brandishing a confetti cannon in an advertisement. The disease lingers.
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    06.24.12 @ 12:53 PM
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    Interesting list, I wonder why Dave Gahan is on there though? He never really struck me as someone with LSD.
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