Costa Rican mother Kattia Sanchez Liebers never gave up hope that she would see her missing son again.

She never changed her name when she married so Jared could find her.

She kept his pictures, toys and mementos of their life together that was cut short when her estranged husband took him, Jared’s father.

Jared was only five years old when he was taken during a bitter custody dispute that played out in Costa Rica. Then it all changed with a Facebook question posed to Kattia: “ Hi is this Kattia Chacon Sanchez by any chance?”

She quickly replied “Who is this?” and then what she had been waiting for happened at the brush of a keystroke. “I’m Jared Liebers” and Kattia replied, “If you’re Jared Liebers, I’m your mom, and I love you very much.”

After the Facebook reunion mother and son got to know each other over the last two months. Yesterday, mother and son, now 17 years old, were reunited when Jared left Israel where he had been living with his father the last ten years. Jared had with him a book of Spanish words his mother gave him before he was taken.

When they saw each other Jared wept knowing right away about “our connection” feeling the love of a mother for the first time. He will now live with his mother who relocated to Pennsylvania and attend a local high school.