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    08.28.16 @ 10:47 PM
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    Default F-16 Kamikaze pilots were planed on taking down hijacked airlineer...without weapons

    Thought this was worth mentioning in light of this weekend.

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    Interesting story and thanks for posting it. I have read quite a bit about that day and never heard about that plan. It was very commendable and it seems likely that they would have been able to coordinate ramming and ejecting at the same time. However, the scumbag pilot on flight 93 was apparently somewhat experienced and would have most likely been tipping the wings along with climbing and diving. Of course a 757 is not nearly as nimble as an F-16. I'd think the lead nose bullets the F-16's were armed with would have also incapacitated the 757. What I find most troubling is this statement: "In the days before Sept. 11, there were no armed aircraft standing guard in Washington, D.C., ready to scramble at the first sign of trouble.". Clearly we were asleep at the controls with the doors wide open literally and figuratively on that day and the terrorists were able to exploit those weaknesses in a major way.



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