What a bunch of horseshit.


Former Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith was forced to resign Aug. 4 as deputy mayor of New York City because he had been arrested for assaulting his wife Margaret.

Goldsmith and his wife issued a statement this morning denying that any crime was committed, despite the detailed police report from Washington, D.C., police about the July 30 incident for which Goldsmith spent two days locked up in jail. No charges were filed as Mrs. Goldsmith would not pursue charges.

The news was broken this morning by the New York Post.

Margaret Goldsmith said in the statement that “there was no crime committed by Stephen or myself. There was no violence nor any physical harm. ... There have never been any kind of domestic assault or violence in our marriage.”

She said the report, which details an ugly scene at their Georgetown home, “misconstrued as well as (took) out of context” what happened.

Goldsmith said in the statement that “Margaret and I agree that the facts have not been accurately portrayed. Because, according to the officers, DC law required an arrest, one was made over the objection of my wife and no charges were ever filed. Although Margaret under oath has affirmed the absence of violence and my actual innocence, I offered my resignation in order not to be a distraction to the mayor and his important agenda for the city.”

The couple said they would have no further comment.

In the police report, as detailed by the Post, the incident occurred about 11:30 p.m. July 30.

The report says Margaret Goldsmith told her husband: “I should have put a bullet through you years ago!”

Goldsmith then “shoved (Margaret into) the kitchen counter,” and she responded: “You’re not going to do this to me again, I’m calling the police.”

Goldsmith “then grabbed the phone from her hands and threw it onto the ground, breaking the phone. He then grabbed (Margaret) and refused to let her go. She kept screaming, ‘Let me go. Let me go,’ “ the report stated.

“She dug her nails into (Goldsmith’s) forearms,” causing him to release her. She then ran to another room to call police.

Goldsmith was arrested for “simple assault domestic violence.” His wife, who suffers from lupus, complained of back pain but refused medical treatment.

In her statement, Margaret Goldsmith said that “Stephen and I agreed he should offer his resignation in order not to be a distraction to Mayor Bloomberg. My family has been aware of the circumstances surrounding that evening. These events do not represent our family, as anyone who knows us would say, and categorically neither does violence in any way which is not acceptable in any family surrounding.”


My wife and I have been married almost twenty years. We have had lots of arguments. We've been very angry with each other. That said, my wife has never, never felt the need to call the police for protection from me.

Margaret Goldsmith's statement that "there was no violence nor any physical harm. ... There have never been any kind of domestic assault or violence in our marriage" is particularly disturbing to me.

Mrs. Goldsmith, he shoved you into the kitchen counter. When you tried to call the police, he grabbed the phone and smashed it. Then he grabbed you and wouldn't let you go, even when you screamed. That sounds like violence to me.
And after he shoved you, why did you say, "you’re not going to do this to me again?" Again? This has happened before, I assume.

One more thing, Margaret. You are a public person. Whether you like it or not, what you do sends a message. What sort of message did you just send to (other) battered women across the country? All you did was what they've done a hundred times. As soon as the fight is over, you take it back and start rationalizing: "It wasn't that bad. The police overreacted. Besides, he won't do it again. He promised..."
What sort of message could you have sent? "Damn right, I threw the little cocksucker in jail! I don't care if he's the deputy mayor or the King of England, nobody does that to me and gets away with it!"

Too bad, Margaret. I feel sorry for you. I hope he doesn't hit you any more.

And Mister Goldsmith, go fuck yourself. Better yet, go spend six years in jail and let somebody else do it.

Sorry for the rant. Men who hit their women piss me off.