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    Default The Real Bailout - Fed Gave $16T to Financial Institutions

    The Real Bailout - Fed Gave $16T to Financial Institutions:


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    I don't believe that is anywhere near the world I like to call "accuracy".

    The majority of those were loans in the format of daily loans or thirty day maturity loans.

    Especially the PDCF, where if for example CitiGroup borrowed 10 billion dollars and renewed for thirty straight days, it would show up as $300 billion dollars loaned to CitiGroup, when their outstanding balance in that same thirty day span was exactly the same.

    Like most things in finance and accounting, you can twist the numbers to support your argument.

    The vast majority of Americans outside of the financial industry have no idea how close we were to total collapse in 2008. We were literally two days from the Second Great Depression, and it would have been much worse than the first.

    And no matter what anyone tells you, we are not out of the woods yet.
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