I mean if Dweezil and Eddie are as close as everyone says, how could DZ go off and give news like this considering the major gag order on VH news across the board? He wouldn't go off and say this stuff if Eddie had basically made it clear that no news should get out. A good friend wouldn't do it if he didn't have some kind of OK to do so. If DZ is going to say this, is an announcement imminent? Gawd I hope so!

If this is all true and only 5-6 songs are done, and no release in the 1st or 2nd quarter, it doesn't matter to me when they finish it and release it. Just tell me that things are in the works. Just a little info pleeze Eddie. Just nod or something....We will all rest easier and the excitement will really build. We just want to know...is that so wroooong?

"Forked tongue in double-speak"

"Your iron lung's a bag of wind"