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    11.23.17 @ 04:28 AM
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    Default Melodic Rock update 7-11

    Welcome to Monday folks... My last Van Halen update was rumours and gossip, but this time around I have some Van Halen FACTS for you. factual as anything ever gets in VanHalenLand, delivered by a known and trusted source close to ground zero - who, up until this point hasn't had any info at all, as they are not in the habit of delivering rumours to me. Let's go...

    - The new Van Halen studio album has NO release date at this point as it is not yet 100% finished. Yep...they are still working on completing it. John Shanks did his bit and now Ross Hogarth, after working with the band in 2010 is back at 5150 to finish the job. There is a single imminent however, but again a date for that arriving at radio or retail is also not yet firm. I'm told "they" are still working on a final mix for the single.
    As for a date for the album - I have said all along my money is on October. I'm sticking to that, but with this info, I'd say late October now. No way will the album drop while the band are in Australia and it is desired to have the album out by November because...
    - Van Halen's US tour will commence in NOVEMBER!
    - Van Halen's 2011/2012 tour will commence in November and I'm told it is likely that the band will stay on the road thru the next Northern summer (mid-2012) with the tour taking in Asia, South America and Europe (watch for the band to possibly headline some festivals in Europe 2012).

    That's it for now folks.....short, but concise. Work continues on this album and a single might appear next month. Tour plans are being locked in for a sizeable world tour starting in Australia in September then re-launching in the US in November.

    Speaking of the Australian dates coming up, the guy in charge of the Soundwave Festival here in Oz (A.J.) that Van Halen will headline has voiced some frustration at dealing with the band over these dates. On his Twitter account (!/iamnotshouting) the following two messages:
    - "I must say, for one of the world's biggest bands, Van Halen are surrounded by idiots." and "2 months after announcement still can't get the dates on their site despite daily promises...".

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    05.22.18 @ 02:40 PM
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    Hhhhhmmmm, so will they be doing new songs at the aussie shows before the album release? Thats my question.
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    02.27.16 @ 04:52 AM
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    Thanks for the update.

    As so many have said before, I will believe it when I have the CD in my hands, I hit play, and ....

    Ummm, no wait.....

    As so many have said before, I will believe it when I see it on iTunes, I hit the Buy button, it completes the download, I hit play, and I actually hear any new material with my own ears.
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    ITS 5150 TIME



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