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    Default Hot dog joint made famous on M*A*S*H threatened by family feud

    With the future of one Weiner already in doubt, the fate of a far more appealing one hangs in the balance a thousand miles away.

    An iconic Ohio hot dog joint, made famous on the TV show "M*A*S*H," could be forced to close its doors amid a family feud over alleged financial misconduct--a prospect locals likely wouldn't relish.

    "If you're ever in Toledo, Ohio, on the Hungarian side of town, Tony Packo's got the greatest Hungarian hot dogs," Cpl. Max Klinger said on a 1976 episode of the long-running sitcom, set during the Korean War.

    The corner bar and grill, founded in 1932 during the Great Depression, was mentioned five other times on the classic show, including in the 1983 finale, which until this year's Super Bowl was the most watched show ever among American viewers.

    The original Tony Packo's--there are now 5 in the Toledo area--boasts "M*A*S*H" memorabilia and a glass-encased hotdog bun autographed by celebrities. Aside from its famous sausages, Packo's is also famous for its roast beef platters and stuffed cabbage.

    But now, a family dispute has raised doubts about the beloved restaurant's future.

    The first signs of rancor came back in 2002, when Nancy Packo Horvath, the daughter of the founder, accused her brother, Tony Packo Jr., of trying to force her out. In the end, the siblings came to an agreement to reorganize the company's management structure.

    But Packo Horvath died the following year, and her son Robin Horvath inherited her share of the business. Last year, he sued Tony Packo Jr. and his son, Tony Packo III, accusing them of preventing him from looking at the company's financial records after he raised questions about spending. Horvath charges that Tony Packo III improperly used company money for personal expenses such as golf equipment, and construction at his mother's home.

    Tony Packo Jr. and his son have countered in legal filings that Horvath isn't involved with running the business on a day-to-day basis and has little knowledge of its operations.

    Amid the sniping, a bank has foreclosed on almost $4 million in loans it made to the business, and has seized property owned by Horvath in an effort to claim its debt. And a judge has appointed a third party to run the business--but a lawyer for the bank has said that the restaurant could be forced to close its doors if that arrangement continues.

    "Family business disputes can be complicated situations," a lawyer for the Packo's told the AP.

    For their part, customers can't believe the landmark hot dog joint could be on the way out. "It's too big of a name," Jim Zywocki said. "Tony Packo's is Tony Packo's."
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    this has been going on for a very long time and is very messy and much more complicated than the article makes it seem, and has been playing out in the Blade business section for a couple of years it's very interesting that Horvath has been kept in the dark and the Packos admit he is not part of the "day to day"...yet Horvath is the one losing his home

    the ones who will make out the best in this are the attorneys

    being part of a family is tough, being partners in business is tough

    being part of a family business is brutal.

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