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    Default Injured High School Wrestler Sues Opponent

    Injured High School Wrestler Sues Opponent

    Fallbrook HS Wrestler Shane Perine Claims Mission Hills HS Opponent Devin Coley Used Illegal Moves

    SAN DIEGO -- A local high school wrestler has filed a lawsuit against his opponent after he was badly injured in a January match.

    Fallbrook High School sophomore Shane Perine claims he was severely injured after Mission Hills High School wrestler Devin Coley used body slams and other illegal moves in their Jan. 27 match.

    According to information obtained by 10News' media partner The San Diego Union-Tribune, Perine is seeking unspecified damages against Coley, the San Marcos Unified School District, which includes Mission Hills High School.

    In Perine's lawsuit, he said Coley repeatedly used illegal moves throughout their match. He also claims referees and district employees who oversaw the match did not do anything to stop it. Perine believes the match should have been stopped.

    Perine's attorney said the match was recorded on video.

    Perine suffered a spinal injury as a result of the match and can no longer play sports, according to his attorney.

    There is no word on how much money Perine is seeking in the lawsuit.

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    This will be an interesting one to follow. If they have it on tape and can prove that the moves being utilized were truly illegal then he is going to win this against all parties. On the other hand if the tape shows that the moves were legal and it was an unfortunate injury then he is up the creek. But rest assured there will be high schools all across the country dropping their wrestling programs due to higher risk and higher insurance.
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