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    08.17.15 @ 10:51 AM
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    Default Compatible Processor? (Pro Tools 8.0 LE)

    I just purchased "Pro Tools 8.0 LE with Mbox" ("$549.00 Guitar Center)

    My search in finding a compatible processor has been a tough one. Very vague and different answers on the internet. No solid answers. The guys at "Guitar Center" seemed a little stumped also.

    I will be purchasing a PC from Dell and I am afraid PT8 will not work with the choice I make.
    I am deciding between these 3 processors:

    Intel® CoreTM i5 650 (3.2GHz/4MB cache)

    AMD Athlon™ II X2 245 (2.9GHz/1MB cache)


    AMD Athlon™ II X4 635 (2.9GHz/2MB cache)

    From this point, I am clueless. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    07.22.15 @ 08:24 AM
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    All of those are compatible. As long as you can run Windows or OS X you're fine.
    Do you intend to add other hardware? If so, most of that stuff is PCI based so make sure your Dell system has room for expansion.
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    05.20.18 @ 04:18 AM
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    I think the thing he is probably worried about is the "lag" in ProTools or any other PC music editor when your computer isn't up to snuff.

    Usually in the documentation for ProTools it will give you the minimum and recommended hardware settings.

    Are you using just for mixing/mastering/midi, or are you recording directly to it? If you are recording directly to ProTools from your instruments you will need a robust computer or you will experience lag or even drops in recording, at least that was my experience with it.
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    Pro Tools LE 8.0 for Windows XP and Vista System Requirements

    Please Note: See the following pages for additional information and requirements specific to each type of Windows computer and Pro Tools LE audio interface:

    Windows Desktops - Pro Tools LE 8.0 FireWire & USB Systems
    Windows Laptops - Pro Tools LE 8.0 FireWire Systems
    Windows Laptops - Pro Tools LE 8.0 USB Systems

    Pro Tools LE 8.0 for Windows General System Requirements

    Pro Tools LE 8.0 for Windows XP and Vista has the following system requirements:

    Installation Requirements

    DVD drive required for Pro Tools LE 8.0 installation DVD
    Not required for Download-only Pro Tools LE 8.0 installation

    Pro Tools LE Audio Interface Required
    Pro Tools LE 8.0 supports the following Digidesign audio devices:

    003 Rack
    003 Rack+
    Digi 002
    Digi 002 Rack
    Mbox 2 Pro
    Mbox 2
    Mbox 2 Mini
    Mbox 2 Micro

    Pro Tools LE 8.0 software will not launch without one of the above Digidesign Pro Tools LE hardware interfaces connected. Please note:

    Pro Tools LE supports the use of any single Pro Tools LE audio interface
    Simultaneous use of multiple Pro Tools LE hardware devices is not supported

    Maximum Sample Rate:

    003, 003 Rack, 003 Rack+, Digi 002, Digi 002 Rack, Mbox 2 Pro - 96 kHz
    Mbox 2, Mbox 2 Mini, Mbox 2 Micro, Mbox - 48 kHz

    System Software

    Windows Vista Business or Ultimate Edition
    32-bit OS Installation Only
    With Windows Vista Service Pack 1
    Windows XP Professional or Home Edition
    With Windows XP Service Pack 3
    Not Supported:
    Windows Vista 64-bit (any version)
    Windows XP 64-bit
    Windows XP Media Center Edition
    Windows 98, Me, 2000, NT, 95, 3.1, DOS
    Not Tested:
    Windows XP SP1 or SP2
    Windows Vista without SP1
    Windows Vista Home and Home Premium Edition
    Although Windows Vista Home and Home Premium Edition have not been tested or qualified by Digidesign, there are currently no known issues with Vista Home and Home Premium 32-bit operating systems and Pro Tools LE 8.0 compared to the supported Windows Vista Business or Ultimate Edition operating systems.

    Total System RAM

    1GB minimum required for Pro Tools LE 8.0 - More Recommended
    More RAM increases overall system and Pro Tools performance
    Refer to motherboard manufacturer for supported RAM version

    More RAM highly recommended for sessions with:

    Large amounts of audio
    High edit density
    Large DigiBase databases
    A large number of installed plug-ins
    Options like DigiTranslator
    Elastic Time enabled on multiple tracks
    Simultaneous use with other applications

    Note that maximum track count may vary depending on CPU, OS, number of edits, drives, or other factors. See additional requirements for toolkit options at the bottom of this page.

    Audio Record/Playback Drive Requirements
    Please see the following for formatting and compatibility information:

    Hard Drive Requirements - Pro Tools LE for Windows

    Please Note: FAT32 Volumes Not Supported for Recording with Pro Tools 7.4 and Higher for Windows

    Pro Tools 7.3.x is the last version of Pro Tools that supports FAT32 for Recording.
    Pro Tools 7.4 and higher for Windows XP and Windows Vista do not support FAT32 for recording, but will continue to support FAT32 formatted volumes for Playback and Transfer.

    FireWire Connections

    Qualified FireWire/1394 HBA Cards for Windows

    Compatible with Pro Tools LE 8.0 for Windows

    FWx Record/Playback Option for VENUE D-Show Systems
    Control Surfaces:
    Mackie Designs HUI
    CM Labs MotorMix
    MIDI Interface:
    Digidesign MIDI I/O
    M-Audio MIDISPORT Series
    Optional Software:
    Complete Production Toolkit
    DV Toolkit 2
    DigiTranslator 2.0
    MP3 Export Option
    Music Production Toolkit
    Music Production Toolkit 2
    Avid Mojo SDI (see the following for additional requirements)
    Avid Mojo/Mojo SDI & Pro Tools 7.4-8.0 Requirements for Windows

    Additional Requirements

    Monitor & Graphics

    Minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768
    Dedicated Graphics Controller Required
    17" or larger monitor recommended if using external monitor

    NVIDIA Quadro Graphics Cards on Windows Vista
    if you are using an NVIDIA Quadro graphics card, please update your drivers to Quadro Release 181 (or higher). We have seen a number of issues on Vista that have been resolved with the following NVIDIA driver update:

    NVIDIA Drivers - Quadro Release 181

    Performance Guidelines

    Recording to the system startup drive is not recommended or supported
    Although limited recording and playback of audio tracks may be possible using the startup drive, one or more separate 7200 rpm dedicated audio hard drive(s) required for maximum performance and track count
    Wireless networking, Bluetooth, or Ethernet network cards may need to be disabled on some machines for best performance

    Performance Rankings

    Desktop Ranking for Pro Tools LE 8 Compatibility and Performance
    Laptop Ranking for Pro Tools LE 8 Compatibility and Performance

    Known Issues

    Pro Tools does not support RAID technology. Please do not activate this feature on any Pro Tools recording drives.
    Computers with motherboards containing SiS (Silicon Integrated Systems) chipsets are not supported
    Computers with Intel Pentium III and older Intel processors are not supported
    Computers with AMD Turion, AMD Sempron, or Intel Celeron processors are not supported
    FireWire 800 drives are not supported for record and playback with Mbox 2 Pro systems
    USB drives are not recommended or supported for recording
    ATI Radeon™ Xpress 200 Series chipsets are not recommended for use with either AMD or Intel processors
    Pro Tools 8 uses certain SSE instructions for drawing and other performance critical code. We have found that some older models of AMD chips from the Athlon 64 X2 (Athlon X2, AMD K9) family do not support specific SSE instructions used by Pro Tools, even though they claim to be SSE compliant. On these AMD computers, Pro Tools 8 will not launch. Unfortunately, this issue is not something we think can be fixed on our end, given the amount of custom recoding and testing that would be required. Current AMD chips and those manufactured in the last few years do support these SSE instructions.

    For additional known issues, see the Pro Tools LE 8.0 Read Me.pdf, available for download below.
    Toolkit Options for Pro Tools LE — Maximum Track Count Information

    Optional Software — Purchased Separately

    The Complete Production Toolkit, DV Tookit 2, Music Production Toolkit 2, and the original Music Production Toolkit (discontinued) are all compatible with Pro Tools LE 8.0. Each of these options expands the track count in Pro Tools LE 8.0, and therefore have additional requirements to help achieve that additional track count.

    Note that maximum track count may vary depending on CPU, OS, number of edits, drives, or other factors. To help achieve maximum track count, Digidesign recommends the following:

    3GB total system RAM
    2 or more qualified hard drives dedicated for audio record and playback

    For more information about these options, and the maximum track count provided by each one, see the Pro Tools products section.
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    Thanks for the info guys.



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