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    11.08.19 @ 05:02 PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbond5150 View Post
    The info in the pic is wrong.... but look at the pickguard...

    Yeah, most certainly Franky's original pick guard.
    But are you saying that is Franky's body, before the black?

    I've been searching feverishly, for the text I read, about it being a '58 (maybe '59) Fender body.
    I think it was on Metro.
    This is the body I was thinking became Franky;

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    04.28.19 @ 05:45 PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by Double Down View Post
    This thread my not be as long as the one you mention but man the first few pages here are worth the price of admission. Jimi did an amazing job laying out the history and details of the Franky. Honestly don't know what more could be said about it.
    Yeah, this thread is terrific. But I remember more details on the thread, and more debate. And someone on that thread mentioned there being even more to the story about the sunburst theory than what was written, but there was never any follow-up. Just my curiosity, that's all.

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    07.17.19 @ 12:26 PM
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    So the original Franky has a tele flat heel, which was installed in a strat neck pocket.
    How the hell did that thing intonate?
    And from the pictures of the original Franky - the high E is off the fretboard - how was that playable?



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