Anyone try it yet? I just got it!....Overall for $60.00 (Link, app and a few diff amps)
Its actually pretty good! ...not supergreat but im actually quite happy with it! 6505 cleans suck just like they do in real life!!! LOL

Anyone agree the "Colonel 900" is the best sounding amp model on there?
To my ears the "fender hot rod 4x10" model was the next best...had more gain then i thought!

There are some feedback issues indeed with the higher gain stuff...found myself turning away from an amp cab that didnt exist!!! LOL (instinct i guess)

Letdown was personally i thought the Peavey models (3120, valveking and 6534) sucked...unless i wasnt setting up properly? Any hints for these amp models?

Got it hooked into a A/V receiver in stereo mode with the EQ switched off to let the app's tone options do their thing

feedback? Tips?....beyond telling me to buy a real i dont have the money or room! LOL