Jamie Carrion strapped her two young children into the back of her stepdad's pickup.

In the truck bed were family belongings that they were taking from Carrion's mother's place in Alton to a trailer they'd moved into the day before in Granville, in far northwest Iowa.

The pickup made a diesel rumble as Carrion headed east, crossed the frozen Floyd River, glided alongside the vast windswept farm fields on Iowa Highway 10, and passed snowdrifts twice the height of her daughter, 4-year-old Averie.

They were barely a mile east of Alton when Carrion's truck hit ice. Carrion could feel the truck's back end sliding. The truck rolled: once, twice, maybe three times, coming to rest on the passenger side. The windows were broken out, and the roof had caved in, trapping the family in a snowy ditch.
Carrion blacked out. She came to. Nobody was on the roads: It was just after 7 p.m. Sunday, and the whole country was watching the Super Bowl. Carrion heard her 20-month-old son, Abel, screaming in the back seat. She saw the blood on his face. She couldn't find her cellphone. She honked. Yelled. Tried to climb out the driver's side door. Got stuck. Found her phone. Dialed 911.
And then she noticed: Averie wasn't crying.

"Averie?" Nothing. Was her daughter unconscious? "Averie!" Nothing.

Averie was gone.

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