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    09.09.13 @ 01:35 PM
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    Default The story of my first guitar build

    I've been here for a while, but I don't think I've ever told this story before.

    Back in May of 2009, I was a senior in high school. Yeah, sure was a long time ago. I was a student aide/intern for my former AP Physics teacher at my high school. We had just wrapped up our AP exams, which basically meant that the rest of May was a complete fuck-off month.

    A few weeks earlier we learned he was leaving our school, and sadly it wasn't on good terms. The high school had been going through a steady decline anyways, but that compounded with an incompetent administration resulted in him transferring to a magnet school elsewhere in the county.

    So where does building a guitar come in to play?

    Well, before he was our physics teacher, he was a monster player, playing in various bands in the late 80's/early 90's. A huge Ed, and Randy fan. That video was from our talent show that year, and he relearned eruption within a week or two, after years of being way out of practice. Back in the day, He was even offered to he lead guitarist position in Train. Apparently he taught Pat Monahan back when he lived in Erie, PA. He turned him down, because he was burned out on the music scene. I like to think that if he saw what Train's music is like today, he's probably happy about that.

    Anyways, he's part of the reason I love Van Halen today, and why I play guitar. I had known him very well for four years by this point. I was really bummed out that he was leaving our school on such a sour note, so I thought of a way for him to remember our class better. That's when I decided I would build him a guitar.

    He was a very adored teacher at our school, so I thought it would be a good idea to ask people for donations and get every one who donated to write a little note for him in a notebook i included with it. After I had talked to everyone, I was able to get about $150, but obviously that wouldnt be enough. I wasn't just going to build him a shit parts guitar. I was going to build him something he, or Ed might play. So instead of wasting money on the prom, and renting a tuxedo, I threw all of that money into this project.

    I did a lot of research on painting and all of that stuff, most of it on here actually. I decided to make it look like the VHII guitar, with my own striped color scheme with the stripes being our school colors, green and yellow, and the background color being black.

    I ordered all the basic parts, a beautiful birdseye maple Mighty mite Neck and an ash Charvel style body. For the pickup I just went with a JB trem bucker, and for the bridge, I went with a floyd rose special, because I was on a budget. After about two weeks of nervousness, trial and error, and many late nights, This was the result.

    The surprise on his face was completely genuine. He had no idea it was coming, and he loved it.

    Today, he still has the guitar, and whenever I visit him he always mentions how easy it is to play, and how great it sounds.

    again, just thought I ought to share this.
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    02.20.13 @ 05:15 PM
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    Great story man! There are those teachers that just made high school a hell of a lot better. Plus I think it's great your teacher can play like that and have that much talent. Shame he had to be let go.

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    05.21.18 @ 04:26 PM
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    That's an awesome story man, I think it's a pretty cool that a teacher could have that profound of an effect on your life that you would do that. And for a guy out of practice, that was pretty damn good.
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    09.16.16 @ 03:53 PM
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    Nice ! That was really big of you.

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    That was exceptionally cool of you and a very nice gesture. Well done on the axe as well. I'm sure he dug it but the thought and motivation behind it is what I'm sure he finds priceless and touching. Says a lot about you both. Way to be. All the best to you and your teach who has great taste in guitar players(EVH/RR)



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