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    08.19.12 @ 07:35 AM
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    Default Line 6 Spider Jam?

    Does anyone have any experience with smaller Line 6 amps? I am considering the Spider Jam amp for the modeling and the ability to jam with some very solid backing tracks. I only play in the basement and never gig, so power isn't an issue. I do worry a bit about all the electronics they pack in this amp, though. More stuff usually means there's more to break.

    I currently have a Vox Tonelab LE, which is nice, but doesn't quite do it for some reason. I chose the Tonelab over any number of Line 6 Effects processors and am not sure I made the right choice.

    I do a bit of recording, so a line level output is nice, which the Spider Jam has. It's not stereo, which does bug be a little. I always like the sound of stereo effects thru headphones, which I use frequently.

    Just looking for some solid advice about Line 6 products and maybe an alternative or two before I pull the trigger. Thanks much in advance.


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    03.31.18 @ 04:17 AM
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    Why dont' you just get a Line 6 pedal.
    I picked up the Pod XT Live on eBay, but I think the new one is Pod XT HD.
    Seemed to be very robust, and you can plug headphones into it directly, or plug into your PC or any amp you want.
    Great for playing in the Basement, recording to PC etc.
    Lots of amp modeling to choose from.
    Finally trying to pick up guitar after too many years.
    Chickenfoot Rocks.

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    02.24.16 @ 06:27 AM
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    I have a spider IV 75 watt. It's OK for what I use it for, playing at really low volumes. It has been fine for a year but recently it started acting up. It will switch to a clean setting out of the blue*.

    *I do have it by a window that is usually open so it's been hit by rain and snow several times-and it's by that window because I smoke when I play. I use it as an ottoman, a step stool...

    It doesn't take pedals well. It distorts in a bad way. (my opinion)

    I tried pedals because the flanger sucks...really, really sucks. (on a spider IV 75)

    The FBV SHORTBOARD MKII will screw up if you have any lights hitting it. The wah/volume pedal is optical. Not a big deal if you play in your basement. Just a heads up in case you want to play somewhere else.

    It serves it's purpose, low volumes and effects for cheap. It does the job. Better than the tonelab? Beats me...I found myself thinking of getting a tonelab after the spider for the same reasons.

    My bias is I like the bluesy plexi tone. I went from tube heads to this because volume is an issue for me now. Super model to "kinda cute" is a let down...but nice to have waiting for me if she's able to do everything I ask.

    I'm waiting on a blackstar ht5 based on the recommendations of some guys here.



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