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    10.28.11 @ 11:39 PM
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    Default BOSS Acoustic Simulator - buzzing!!!

    Hi All

    Firstly i'd like to wish everyone on the links a very merry christmas and happy holiday season.

    Second....I have a BOSS acoustic simulator that is annoying me. Great sound but everytime I click it on it makes a horrible buzzing noise when I play through it, almost like a bad earth. It varies depending on the actual effect level I set but I want to stop it.

    It makes no difference if it's on an effects chain or by iteslf but why is my pedal making this noise?
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    05.23.18 @ 03:22 PM
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    I used to have that pedal, and I experienced clipping with it depending upon how it was set. I wouldn't describe that as "buzzing", though.

    You may want to get a refund, as what you're experiencing is not normal. As for what exactly is wrong, maybe someone who knows a lot about the insides of pedals can chime in.

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    05.18.18 @ 05:41 AM
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    Just a thought but I had the exact same problem from time to time with a couple different acoustic simulators.
    You may have done this already, but if not, try a different or shorter cable. I know you said you tried it chained and not chained, but if you're partial to a particular cable from your guitar as I am, this is most likely the cause. I had this exact problem. You're right. It does sound buzzy, or like something rattly. (Not crackly or anything like a broken cable or loose jack.) My cable seemed fine into an amp, but it seems that with these acoustic simulators and the way they filter things, any slight abnormal impedance in the cable translates to this weird buzzy noise or even hardcore rattle. My cables didn't have any actual breaks, but they were was just older and well used so I guess some of the shielding broke down slightly inside.
    Hope this helps.
    One other thing thinking out loud here, but Boss is famous for. Double check the input jack nuts. Just about every Boss pedal I've owned has had these work loose, and this is a key area they ground to. Just give them a slight cinch. I'm pretty sure it's one or the other of these things.
    Good luck man.
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