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    Eruption Icecream-man's Avatar
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    10.19.18 @ 02:26 PM
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    I was just looking at the official site and saw these two people Voodoo and EruptionMan being berated on the pleasuredome message board by a bunch of losers, because they were speaking the truth. I have been a member of the VHLinks since 1999 and though i dont post much i have seen plenty of other van halen message boards and they just don't compare to this one...yeah in May i bought my own freaking vhlinks tshirt and am proud of being a longtime member of this board. What these two guys were saying was totally right on the money...the people on this board are so much more knowledgeable in not only van halen but basically everything that goes on in the world.
    I'm not trying to start some petty fight between boards but the dome does not even come close to comparing with the Links. We have had plenty of frank knowledgeable dissagreements about van halen without resorting to the name calling that goes on at the Dome. Personally i can't stand SoCalSheila or whatever her name is and that dude in Japan...i think they are moderators over there. I have seen people disagree with those two and they immediately start with the name calling or other bullshit, or even when people are joking around these two members straight out of the Message Board Gestapo ban them...its like get a life. Let people have fun with the band...for the love of christ they havent said a word in over a year.
    I kind of feel bad for brett if people are not posting here just because the Dome is up...Honestly if you really want to have good discussion on sorts of subjects not only van halen stay on this board and stop posting on the Dome for the faint hope of recieving tickets for the big reunion show.

    Not to sound condescending, but i'm proud of both Voodoo and EruptionMan.

    WAR:VHLinks, Saints, and Platoon

    I'm Out

    The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Sucks, Van Halen is too good for that disgraceful establishment! OUT!

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    Romeo Delight
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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    It's kinda high school clicky, too. Don't ya think?

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    Eye suffacozza YEWW! Goo's Avatar
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    Fair Warning
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    Me Wise Magic
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    09.26.18 @ 01:19 AM
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    Brad can borrow an idea, but he can't replicate the spirit..

    Moving to vh opinions/speculation

    A little zen... Headed your way...



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