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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    go to and check out the letter grant wrote to vh. let's see if they respond.

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    05.03.05 @ 08:18 PM
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    it's a great letter...

    unfortunately I thinks all we will get is silence...

    but thanks Grant!

    keep the hope alive [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Cool Grant!

    We can only hope that they respond. It's really too bad that Brad doesn't have the fuckin' BALLS to ask these types of questions!

    Here's the link to the letter

    ...and here's Grant's letter in text.

    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Wouldn't It Be Cool If...
    September 27, 2001 - This morning I made my daily stop at the excellent Allstar music news site and was greeted by the headline Paul McCartney Seeking Led Zep Reunion? The headline referred to the benefit he's organizing at Madison Square Garden on October 20.

    The possibility of a Led Zeppelin reunion at The Concert For New York has already been squashed in this article by Sue Falco and Bruce Simon at Reuters have confirmed that The Who, Bon Jovi, James Taylor, John Mellencamp, Goo Goo Dolls, Melissa Etheridge, Ringo Starr, Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Gwyneth Paltrow and John Cusack will be performing, along with McCartney himself.

    The Concert For New York, already being dubbed "Live Aid II", will be telecast live and commercial free by VH1. It will also be simulcast across the world on radio and on the Internet by AOL.

    [this is where the Van Halen part comes in...]

    When the first Live Aid concerts were held simultaneously at Wembley Stadium in London and JFK Statium in Philadelphia, Van Halen were "between singers". David Lee Roth left the band on April 1, 1985. The concerts took place on July 13, 1985 so even though they were one of the biggest musical acts in the world at the time, an appearance by Van Halen at Live Aid was impossible.

    Wouldn't it just be the coolest thing ever if Van Halen and David Lee Roth got their shit together, rehearsed a few songs, pulled out the old striped Frankenstein guitar, Jack Daniel's bass, roto-toms and assless chaps, and put on the greatest show the world had ever seen at The Concert For New York?

    There was a time when us fans could speculate about this happening, but in reality we know that it won't. That's the real shame about the current situation we're in.

    This may be taking things a little too far, but I think the analogy I'm about to make best describes the feeling of us, the fans, at the moment.

    Right now, we don't know if Van Halen as a band, is alive or dead. It's like when someone goes missing, you have no way of knowing if they're OK. As the days turn into weeks you start to have serious concerns, but hope that good news is around the corner. If the weeks turn into months, then the months turn into years, common sense tells you to fear the worst.

    I'm not here to tell Van Halen how they should handle their business. That is entirely up to them, and they've chosen not to say anything. Guys, I know you're out there and I know you look at this site. Whenever I write something you don't like, my phone rings and the caller ID init flashes "OUT OF AREA".

    Let me put this very bluntly: your continued silence is killing your fanbase.

    While I've got your attention, if you don't mind, I have a few questions. These are the questions that are being asked by your die-hard fans. These people take time out of their busy lives to discuss you, their favourite band, every day on the Internet.

    Unless you hadn't realized, a lot of these fans that are still left have just about given up any hope of hearing from you again.

    Here are the questions. Your fans would really appreciate it if you addressed them with an update on your official site.

    What's happening with David Lee Roth? Will he return?
    In your statement on your web site dated April 20, 2001, why did you say "For any updates, come here to our website first. We'll stay in touch"? We're now five months down the track and there hasn't been a band update since.
    Also in reference to your April 20 statement (click here to read), what did you mean by "we're aware of all the rumors, and rumors are just that"?
    Was it pure coincidence that your statement above came one day after David Lee Roth confirmed that he had worked with you again? Whether intentional or not, it gave fans the impression you were denying that you had worked with him again. Click to read Dave's April 19 statement.
    Why do we get more information from Maximum Golf magazine than your official web site?
    When will Van Halen Radio be back? We've heard nothing since June when your web site said Next Level had to negotiate licensing issues with the Warner Music Group.
    Has an offer been put on the table for David Lee Roth to return to the band?
    Is there a possibility that you will hire a fourth singer?
    Guys, please show that you care about your fans. Would it hurt to take an hour out of your day and write us a message? It would help to put our minds at ease. With recent events around the world, it would be nice to have some good news for a change. Or bad news. Anything. Thanks.
    <i>"The great controversy will be ended, and the Mighty Van Halen shall reign forever. Amen."</i>

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    09.26.18 @ 01:19 AM
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    I'll close this down, we already have an existing topic on it (The 'wouldnt it be cool' one)

    cool bro's
    A little zen....... Headed your way.......



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