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    she's the woman/hbsd
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    Default He took a death-defying trip into an active volcano

    My karma just ran over your dogma

    Love 'em all I says
    Let Cupid sort 'em out

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    I don't understand the adventure in this?

    I guess it was easy to roast marshmallows
    All songs written and performed by:

    Edward Van Halen: Lead Guitars, Backround vocals
    Sammy Hagar: Lead Vocals, Acoustic/Guitars
    Michael Anthony: Bass/ Backround Vocals
    Alex Van Halen: Drums/Percussions/Back Vocals
    Sammy Hagars solos available on Geffen
    Special Thanks to: Valerie, Wolfie, Sue, Kari,Claudio for introducing the RedRocker to us Al's Harem and kids, Elisha, Taylor, Kama/ all the fans past and present: all recordings done at "5150" where else! A nod and wink to Ed Leffler.
    Irving Azoff/ All the staff at Warner Bros. past and present/ Gary Cherone for giving his all/ David Lee Roth for getting us there and oh yea Ray Daniels, for keeping the bathrooms clean during all the performances. Oh yea, your fucking check is in the mail and next time you whip your bullshit on us again, where taking your ass to Cabo and pounding mud up your ass till you cough up sand for the loss of 8 years. nuff said, IT"S 5150 TIME



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