We opened a lossless dc++ trading hub a while back and its running like a big motherf@#$ing machine with 35 TiB being shared as of right now with a huge selection of bands from A to Z i just thought it would be nice to welcome you all over there so you can see how much fun a dc++ lossless trading hub can be..........there you will find many shows from many bands never before shared on the internet, message boards and torrent sites, we have filmers/tapers sharing their quality lossless masters and are growing each day. If you are interested in checking us out and are wondering what a dc++ hub is you can get all the info you will ever need right here http://s7.invisionfree.com/BootlegHub
Hope you come check us out and see you there...............
Lossless audio and video from AC/DC to ZZ Top (A to Z LOL)