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    I am a relatively respectable writer with a few close friends in the music biz. The subject of Van Halen and all of the reunion swirlings have come up often in several cocktail parties I have recently attended. Now, these insiders can be a rather sarcastic bunch but lo and behold I was surprised when someone out of nowhere said with complete clarity and audacity that Van Halen are currently prepping 5 national 'club dates' in 5 major markets in late January 2001. In his words, the dates will be unannounced but will be difficult to conceal due to the large number of tickets that will be reserved for press, label associates etc. The guy continued on and even went as far as to reveal some of the 'secret' venues:

    Chicago: Park West
    LA: Sharkey's in Manhatten Beach ???
    NY: Roseland

    also a Saturday Night Live (unannounced music guest spot)

    Most in the small group kinda laughed and smirked but later upon further conversation with this guy, I was definitely of the opinion that he was legit.

    He went on to describe a recent meeting in which two band members attended in which the full blown tour stage design was being discussed and conceptualized. All I can say is that I am not at liberty to divulge much else but it is going to be huge.

    Well, after several chandonnays, I decided I should be on my way from this great little party just off Mulholland and called a towncar for the short ride home.

    As I left the party and reflected back all I could think of was how in the hell to figure out the exact dates of these gigs so that I can be there to witness the ultimate return of classic VH.

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    08.15.18 @ 09:38 AM
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    Another Steely Dan referenced name, and another TBS rumor...

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    01.28.18 @ 12:02 PM
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    Off to the rumor mill.

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