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    12.03.10 @ 02:16 PM
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    Default 1978 attila Odyssey

    ey. This weekend scrounging pawnshops for parts, I came across a cool find. I spied a cool looking guitar hanging on the wall. I recognized the plain Jane headstock of what I thought must be an old Attila, a Vancouver built guitar that had some amazing acclaim from local players, as well as from the likes of George Benson, Adrian belew and Randy Bachman.
    Anyway.....The builder was Attila Boloh. He was a master luthier who died in the mid eighties. His guitars, though some were quite beautiful, were designed with functionality and quality first, and aesthetics were a bonus. lol. A players guitar. The necks were built like tanks....usually made of Canadian rock maple. Body woods were hand selected for tonality. Some even contained small knots, but if the wood sounded better than say some that looked a bit better, he'd take the better sounding wood. Mine is no exception. It has a fairly Paul-ish shape...maybe more of a L.P. Junior.


    As you can see, no raging beauty. It's been played, but it just feels amazing, and the sound.....Just awesome. it absolutely screams. It's real bare bones. One thing i thought was an error, but it turns out it was an intensional feature is the offset pickups. You'll notice that the strings sit in between the poles. The pickups are original 1978 Dimarzio Distortions. I thought it was a weird, almost offputing placement but at the shops owners urging I plugged it in, and he was right. I wouldn't mess with their placement. Hey...if it's been that way for thirty two years....who am I to mess with a good thing.
    Some points.....It was owned by one local player it's whole life.
    Built in '78
    one of three of this particular model. show stopper, but a cool find nonetheless. I'd love to do some vids like Jimi does. Any good sites to show some of this stuff other than Youtube? Just terrible quality on there.
    She looks so $#@!'n good ,so sexy and so frail....Somethin's got the bite on me, I'm goin' straight to Hell.
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    She looks so $#@!'n good ,so sexy and so frail....Somethin's got the bite on me, I'm goin' straight to Hell.

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    05.24.18 @ 12:08 AM
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    Nice guitar man!
    I love 70's guitars.

    Funny you said that about youtube cuz im uploading some videos from this weekend to youtube right now.

    The quality really depends on what you used to shoot with.
    I shoot with a Flip ultra HD and i think it looks great on youtube.

    Sound wise that's another story...



    I upload my videos to those sites too but i like youtube better because it's such a bigger community and more people watch your videos there.
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