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    05.16.18 @ 11:48 AM
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    1,200 National Guard Troops to Deploy to Border Aug. 1

    Administration officials on Monday announced that the 1,200 National Guard troops pledged weeks ago by President Obama will deploy to the southwest border starting on Aug. 1 as part of an effort to bring the region "under control."

    Alan Bersin, commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, said the troops would "support" the work of Department of Homeland Security personnel already operating on the border.

    "The Guard has been a tried and tested support to law enforcement ... and I'm confident they'll prove it again in this instance," Bersin said.

    He said the deployment will coincide with a boost in surveillance technology in the region.

    Obama in May announced the National Guard deployment amid increased concerns about border violence stemming from illegal immigration and drug smuggling. The announcement also came after Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed a law making illegal immigration a state crime -- a policy the administration is trying to strike down in federal court.

    Some border-state lawmakers criticized the National Guard plan as too weak to make a dent in border security challenges and expressed concern that the 1,200 who are deployed would be relegated to desk jobs. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., has called for 6,000 National Guard troops.

    But officials on Monday described the deployment as a "bridge" to keep border security strong while 1,000 CBP agents are added over the next year.

    National Guard Bureau Chief Gen. Craig McKinley said the Guard at the border would be working on criminal and intelligence analysis, as well as "entry identification" -- a specialty that involves surveillance. He said the full National Guard force should be stationed in the four U.S. border states by September.

    "The border is more resourced and more secure than it's ever been, but the work continues and the challenge remains," Bersin said.
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    05.08.18 @ 01:14 PM
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    My Dad knows quite a few of the guys that work Border Patrol in northeast Washington. These guys all start out with a stint on the US/Mexico border. It's funny that you never get their take on things, but I'll tell you this much. I don't believe that there are any of them that sympathize with the illegals coming across the border.

    Honestly, this thing with Mexico has become much more of a threat to our national security than Iraq or Afghanistan. Pull our troops our of there and put them on the border with all the weaponry they need to blow the drug cartels/smugglers to smithereens.
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    05.24.18 @ 09:47 PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by Viking View Post

    Honestly, this thing with Mexico has become much more of a threat to our national security than Iraq or Afghanistan. Pull our troops our of there and put them on the border with all the weaponry they need to blow the drug cartels/smugglers to smithereens.

    Border states commit 54,000 troops to Iraq, Afghanistan…get 1,200 from feds

    During a Monday morning Pentagon news conference, Gen. Craig McKinley, chief of the National Guard Bureau told reporters that National Guard troops will begin a yearlong deployment on August 1, along the 2,000 mile-long U.S./Mexican border.

    While the 1,200 troops will reportedly be armed, they may only use their weapons for self-defense.

    The troops will be distributed along the border as follows:




    -New Mexico…72

    With another 130 troops assigned to something called a “national liaison office.”

    One item which Gen. Craig let slip during the press conference was the fact that the states of Arizona, Texas, California, and New Mexico combined, are currently contributing 54,000 National Guard troops to the U.S. war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    However, the federal government can only supply 1,200 troops back to that region, as they are being invaded by drug dealers and human smugglers.

    The number of troops being sent to the expansive, and incredibly dangerous border amounts to 1.6 soldiers for every mile of the border, this combined with the questionable rules of engagement under which they will be serving, the deployment is nothing more than a pitiable, political gesture from the White House.

    In 2005, the Bush administration began to use U.S. combat troops to patrol the borders which define Iraq. In fact, at the time, he announced that there would be a complete lock-down on Iraq's borders during that nation's elections. Obama is now using our troops in that same capacity, as well as in providing border security for Afghanistan.

    While protecting the borders of foreign lands has been a priority for both Presidents Bush and Obama, neither has ever shown a portion of that commitment to their own country.

    The Mexican border could and should be made a permanent duty station for U.S. troops. This would allow the Border Patrol to fully staff the official entry points, which would dramatically reduce the amount of drugs as well as the number of criminals coming into this country through those checkpoints on a daily basis.

    Of course, we have the resources to defend this nation, we need only the political will to do so.

    It would seem that the taxpayers of Arizona, Texas, California, and New Mexico are working for the security of foreign lands, rather than for that of their own states.
    "The less I needed, the better I felt." ~ Charles Bukowski.

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    05.31.14 @ 07:17 PM
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    Psssst...*whispers* It's an election year.....
    "Nothing is ever what it seems but everything is exactly what it is." - B. Banzai

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