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    05.25.18 @ 01:25 PM
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    Default Crossroads Guitar Fest Meet-Up

    To anyone attending the Crossroads Guitar Festival this weekend:

    If anyone would like to meet up in-person, let's figure out when and where to meet, and maybe we can have a forum group (gang) in the venue.

    C.U. there.
    "Having an opinion that people disagree with doesn't make you a Douche, arguing with the people who disagree with your opinion and calling them stupid does!" -Me.

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    02.15.16 @ 01:56 PM
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    I would kill to be able to hook up with you, but I will be stuck in NY. I know you are going to have an amazing time and with the lineup of talent assembled this year it should be the best one yet, and that is saying a lot. Have a great time.



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