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    05.20.18 @ 03:21 AM
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    Default 3 dead after natural gas line explodes in Texas

    CLEBURNE, Texas A natural gas line in north Texas erupted Monday, killing at least three people and lighting up the sky with orange flames, officials said.

    An unknown number people were missing, and officials feared the death toll could rise.

    Workers apparently hit the underground line about 50 miles south of Dallas while digging on Monday, said Cleburne City Manager Chester Nolen. The heat was "unbearable," even 300 yards from the flames, he said. A column of gray smoke was visible miles away.

    About six people were taken to hospitals, Johnson County Emergency Management Coordinator Jack Snow, said. At least three people died "and there could be more," Nolen said. An unknown number of people remain unaccounted for, Nolen said.

    Laura Harlin, a resident of nearby Granbury, said she heard a "huge rumbling" that initially sounded like thunder and then like a tornado because it lasted so long.

    "For about 10 minutes, it was so loud that it was like there was an 18-wheeler rumbling in your driveway," she said.

    Also Monday, seven workers were burned when a crew drilling a natural gas well through an abandoned coal mine in West Virginia hit a pocket of methane gas that ignited, triggering an explosion. The explosion happened about 1:30 a.m. in a rural area about 55 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. A column of fire shot at least 70 feet high, but the flames fell to 40 feet within hours. Gas continued to burn late Monday afternoon
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    01.21.12 @ 02:56 PM
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    I guess they don't believe in calling before they dig. There's plenty of numbers in which they can find out the gas line locations anywhere in the U.S.

    Another really bad explosion happened in Virginia back in 2008. Scorched the Earth.


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    05.08.18 @ 01:14 PM
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    Wow! That's some scary stuff right there.

    Seeing stuff like that reminds me of how fortunate me and my sisters ex boyfriend were the night we went into the ditch during a nasty thunderstorm during the spring of '95. Our trip into the ditch was stopped short by a gas line that had been exposed due to erosion. I couldn't tell you how many times I heard this: "You guys are lucky to be alive!"
    "Viking - last to sleep, first to rise, last to leave, that's how the Nords of old rocked the house." ~ timmac in the 'Texas Linkers' thread talking about yours truly. :-)



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