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Thread: Recording

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    Default Recording

    I'm looking for an inexpensive way to make good digital recordings. My son has been playing guitar and drums now for about 3 years and he's crazy good. His creativity just amazes me. I've been playing for 25 years and it pisses me off... not really, it makes me very proud.
    Anyway, I know how much I've forgotten over the years and I want to record his stuff so that doesn't happen.
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    Well, the absolute cheapest way to make decent quality digital recording is to download Audacity; very easy to use, and has everything you could want starting out. Lot's of perameters, effects, punch in/out, duplicating tracks...the works. (Free Download designed by an online community of digital recording enthusiasts. A lot of guys on here use Audacity in the demos they've posted on the links.) For miking/amp modelling, you can go two ways. Get a USB interface, or do simply what I've done, go direct from the line in on the computer. It works just have to play with the computers internal levels a bit more than you would with the interface but once dialed in, that's it. The benefit of getting a USB interface is you have more control of the volume/headroom in the overall recording, and you often have more than one input, minimizing the times you have to repatch your gear, but not a big deal.

    The other thing is reduced latency as you add more than say seven or eight tracks, but if your machine has decent processing power to begin with, it's not really a concern either way. Just get an 1/8" adapter jack for either the mic or line out from the amp modeller. I use the Zoom G-1 and it's quite good, (The G-2 is supposed to be even better for not much more) costs around 80 bucks and has great models, provides natual sounding harmonics, and the on board effects are quite usable. Even has a harmonizer / detuner, so getting that mid eighties Eddie sound is not difficult if that's his thing. I've actually done this quite a bit on late night demos, though I have used an SM57 and it worked fine as well. The Zoom also has an on board drum machine, not an issue with your son playing drums, but it comes in handy for working out ideas that he can apply his own drums to later on. Fully adjustable tempos, and a large selection of beats. Great value for the money to get started in the digital recording realm.

    I've been recording analog for the past twenty three years, and really got on board with digital over the past four or five. As far as the drums goes, what does he play? An acoustic kit, or digital? If it's digital, then just plug a stereo jack into the computers line in. If it's an acoustic kit, the a couple moderate priced mic's should suffice, or you can get a drum mic kit that comes with several mic's. If you do this, then you'll need a small mixer. You can hit a music shop, but you can save huge bucks by going to Radio Shack, and picking up a four or five input DJ mixer for anywhere from 40 to 80 dollars. Don't laugh, they do the job! Audacity is a great training ground, and it's fun and fast. Is it gonna sound like a fully equipped pro studio? No, but with the skills that you and him will learn as you go, you'll get some great sounding recordings.
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    There are a bunch of simple and easy-to-use computer based packages out there. (Unfortunately I don't know the names of any of them.) Basically it's a mic, an interface (USB or Firewire connect), and software. You can drop $75-$100 and be ready to go.

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    How inexpensive?

    If all you are interested in is performance capture you could just go
    with a digital standalone. If you want to get into mixing and/or
    pseudomastering/mastering - you're better off getting a good DAW.
    Way back in the day I used to use NTrack - but when I got back into
    pc based mixing/etc I tried NTrack and ended up going with Reaper.
    I believe a non commercial license for Reaper is around $60 and they
    have a great user community.

    If you're not going to get into mixing/mastering a digital standalone is
    the most hassle free and inspiration on the spot friendly approach. In that
    case you don't need to worry about 16 bit v. 24 bit. My newest standalone
    is the Zoom R16, and can run in both 16 and 24, and has enough simultaneous
    mic/line inputs to mic a drum kit @ around $399. The R16 functions as a
    standalone, audio interface an controller all in one.

    If you decide to go with an audio interface and software instead, make sure you
    research in advance that the hardware/software will be compatible with your machine.



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