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    05.26.18 @ 11:02 AM
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    Default New cottage industry-hook up with a married celebrity, hire a lawyer, get paid

    how the hell does Gloria Allred do this? She is becoming the go-to attorney for every skank and whore who thinks that getting paid for a lap dance isn't enough, not until there's a "buyout" that sets the ho in question up for life.

    In my day ho's got paid under the table and were ok with that. A married sugar daddy set them up in an apartment and they were "kept women". If they really wanted to make bank they had start popping out kids....getting paid for their "labor" so to speak. Now they want a buyout, like time spent on a mattress is equivalent to time spent on the production line at GM.

    Whatever happened to suing the adulterer in question for alienation of affection?

    I thought it was bad enough when reports had Tigers mistresses collecting checks.

    Then Jessee's girl(s) needed legal representation

    now some b-lister TV actor named David Boreanez has had to come forward and admit an affair so he can stop paying out checks to the woman he cheated with....and to top it off one of her claims (just like one of Jessee's girls) is that she is hurt because she was under the impression that she was the only one he was cheating with

    I guess spending so much time on the set of "BONES" rubbed the guy's BONED cuz Gloria is repping someone who had sex with him 2 or 3 times and they're now in "negotiations"

    if there's someone out there with legal knowledge, what is the difference between negotiating a settlement to keep quiet and extorting money by saying your going public if you don't get paid?

    I just don't get it

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    05.26.18 @ 12:01 PM
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    I just want to know when it became a redeeming quality to be a whore and be public about it.

    If you are going to be a whore, at least have the common decency to not let everyone in the whole world know it.
    Taylor Swift is nice to look at. Adele can sing.

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    Future's in the past....
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    11.03.17 @ 12:35 PM
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    Somewhere DLR is reading about this kind of shit and thinking how lucky he was that it wasn't going on back in the day...
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    10.23.15 @ 03:49 PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by VanHalenRules View Post
    Somewhere DLR is reading about this kind of shit and thinking how lucky he was that it wasn't going on back in the day...
    Nah, he was smart enough not to get married.
    Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance.

    Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly.



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