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    Default Musikraft customer service

    I just want to let all of you out there know what a great experience I had with Musikraft. I bought a Franky body and neck from them back in August/September and started painting it. Due to other time commitments, etc., I got backed up with the building. I enlisted the help of Ron's Custom Guitars to finish everything up. Once everything was together, I noticed that the strings from the nut to the tuners were off a little. Anyone else would have been fine with it, but the time that I had invested in this guitar made it unbearable for me. I sent Scott at Musikraft the pictures of the string alignment and he told me to send back the old neck. Well, they made me a new one, and I thought that they went above and beyond because the neck was technically out of warranty.

    I just wanted to give them some recognition for standing behind their product.

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    Finally....Some good news about customer service!
    Thanks for that. I'll second that. I've been very pleased in the past.
    She looks so $#@!'n good ,so sexy and so frail....Somethin's got the bite on me, I'm goin' straight to Hell.



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