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    05.25.17 @ 07:28 PM
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    On Pop-Up-Video tonight they had a BBMak video , and mentioned that they covered Extreme's "More Than Words". Then they put up a graphic with a picture of BBMak and a picture of Extreme with the text "Mak and cheese". Now, I'm no Extreme fan, but I think calling Extreme "cheese" over a BOY BAND is fuckin' ridiculous!!!
    "You gotta do me a favor and let these (people) have a good time, alright? A little bit of (vulgar term for breast) and their hands in the air ain't gonna hurt anybody" - Nikki Sixx

    "Van Halen is 'Get the fuck off the sidewalk if ya don't like our drivin' kinda music!" - David Lee Roth

    "We get to the hotel, there's people partyin' in the parking lot, people gettin' down in the elevator, wow! I swear to God I had this one chick, this chick was poundin' on my door, she was kickin' and screamin' at my door 'til about 6:30 this morning. Finally, I just said, 'Fuck it!' and let her out of my room!" - David Lee Roth

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    02.20.19 @ 09:27 PM
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    Cheese or no cheese, I sing my fool head off when that song comes on. I look ridiculous going down the road with that on.

    [img]graemlins/yell.gif[/img] MOOORRRRE THAN WOOOOORRRRrrrrrrrds.....IS ALLL YOU NEED TO-OOO-DO-TO-MAAAKE IIIIiiT REEEAAAL!!!!
    sheepa latta peepah dabba looka foh a moopy

    Gunter glieben glauchen globen

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    Why Can't This Be Love
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    02.20.19 @ 11:19 PM
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    I think More Than Words is a great song, it's definately a classic.

    I think that this topic is more suited to Songs and Albums, since we put Dave and Sammy solo songs there, I suppose Extreme can go there too.

    I'm moving it there.
    Right Now you're reading my post!

    I can't stand rap....people who can't sing do can sing rebellion as well as talk it....Hitler would have been in a rap band...

    -- John Entwistle

    2006 VHL Fantasy Hockey Champ!



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