Finally caught Idles at The Wiltern Theater in LA last night.

Really, really great band, excellent show with tons of energy from everyone onstage and in the audience. Played a pretty straight ahead 90 minute set - probably the first time in years I've gotten out of a show by 10:30pm. About 8 songs each from their 2 studio albums and the cover of "Cry To Me." Opened with "Colossus." Many of their songs stretched out to long jams. Several instances of not just the singer Joe Talbot but also the guitarist going crowd surfing out in the audience who absolutely supported them from start to finish. It's like seeing early 80's Exploited crossed with Bon Scott era AC/DC. They often exhibit self-deprecating humor and a lot of heart. Maybe my only complaint is frontman Talbot's vox is an acquired taste, are a bit like a more gutteral version of Social Distortion's Mike Ness. Side note, I think the guitarist wins the award for wearing his guitar high up near his chin than anyone else on the planet. He may as well be playing his collar bone.

The opening band which I think was called Surfbots was like a throwback to the anonymous, shitty, tuneless punk bands I used to see in punk dives like the Cuckoo's Nest in Newport Beach back at the beginning of the 80's. The female singer got points for wading into the audience a couple times but the cheerleader-esque posturing and the barre chord CRASHCRASHCRASHCRASHCRASH 2 guitars and drums monotony grew dull real quick - although there was a few dozen in the pit that seemed to love them and occasionally would get a half hearted moshpit going.

I think if Idles can keep it together and grow on the promise and talent they clearly have, they could a band that is really something much bigger and more special than much of what's out there these days. Right now, they seem to be burning *really* brightly, hopefully they don't flame out too soon like apparently my last favorite "new" band Savages have.

Next stop - Bauhaus at the Palladium.