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    Default Chilling 911 Call: Composed Mother Drowned her 2 Kids, then Kills herself.

    GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. - The family of Julia Murray, who called 911 Tuesday to report that she had drowned her two children before shooting herself, is reeling today from the tragic loss.
    Murray and her 4-year-old daughter, Ansli were pronounced dead at Southeast Georgia Health System hospital Tuesday afternoon. Her son, Creighton, 2, was also hospitalized but is home today and playing normally, his family said.
    They are making funeral arrangements today. Murray's older sister AJ Murray is planning to open a memorial fund in lieu of flowers. Ansli and her mother will be buried together.
    Murray lived with AJ Murray; their mother, Alia Murray, and Julia Murray's two children. None of her relatives know what happened Tuesday to lead to the incident.
    "We have no answers as to why this happened and we may never know what happened that morning and why Julia did what she did. For some reason she felt this was her only way out and didn't want her children to be a burden with her passing," said AJ Murray.
    The family has owned the property where the Murrays live for a generation. When they reconstructed their home recently, Julia Murray had written all the family members' names in the cement foundation - all the names remain there today. Alia Murray's husband, a former police detective with the Glynn County Police Department who also lived with the family, died in 2001 of cancer.
    The father of the Murray children sees them sometimes, said AJ Murray.
    According to their paternal grandfather, Sam Foskey, the children's father lives in Hazelhurst, Ga. Derek Foskey, who found out while he was at work, is having a hard time with the news, his father said.
    Foskey said today that Murray sent his son a text message the morning she died around 2:30 but it is unclear what it said.
    The 911 call recording was released Tuesday afternoon.
    Around 10 a.m., Julia Murray called 911 asking for an ambulance "because she had drowned her two children," according to a statement from the Glynn County Police Department.
    Murray was calm as she told the dispatcher she killed her two children by drowning them. Neighbors who knew Murray said she was a nice, quiet person and a young mom.
    The investigation by the Criminal Investigation Division of the Glynn County Police is ongoing.

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    That is so horrible.. I can understand people being so low as to lose hope for themselves.. but to lose hope for their kids and to kill them with their own hands, it's beyond my comprehension.
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