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    05.22.18 @ 04:23 PM
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    Default Please Rob Me, the dark side of social networking

    very good points made by website

    they post random twitter posts to show how someone could misuse the info

    I always wondered why celebrities, even the lesser type, would twitter their locations and plans when they have so much to beware of in regards to stalkers.

    I guess the lesser level of celebrities doing this would be even worse because they have high visibility yet a lower level of security than say Brangelina and their flock of bodyguards.

    But really, we are kind of making ourselves celebrities of a much lesser level by having folllowers on our twitter and facebook accounts.

    perhaps we do tell too much about ourselves without thinking about who is reading it.

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    10.23.15 @ 03:49 PM
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    I think it's the same principals that we try to teach our children about the Internet. I think most people have seen "To catch a predator" and how perverts prey on kids. There is nothing to stop adults being preyed upon in the same manner. Of course with celebrities, they were already calling the paparazzi before Twitter to let the world know that they were going to go out so they could get their pictures taken to stay in the spotlight. This is just a further extension and perhaps easier way to get it out there.
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    02.02.14 @ 12:29 PM
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    The way i see it is there is way to much technology and not enough common sense. I understand we all want to be liked and loved and found interesting but, there are evil people out there with evil intensions and when u give them too much info what do we think they are gonna do? Im glad u brought this subject up because for a while now ive wondered the samething.



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