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    Default Dave to direct a video (maybe)

    Vulture Whale set to slam Athens with new EP
    January 27, 2010 by JOE WILLIAMS
    Filed under Music, Variety
    In a world of musicians and bands promoting a message of peace and love, Birmingham rockers Vulture Whale are hoping to break this cookie cutter mold.

    “We’re about rocking, and kicking and slamming … but not necessarily in the order,” drummer Jake Waitzman said.

    Singer Wes McDonald says he pulled out a fake, yet polished British accent to use while recording Vulture Whale’s newest album “Bamboo You.” The band will be playing the album at Caledonia Lounge tonight.
    On tour to promote their new EP “Bamboo You,” the Alabama natives, who pull influences from the likes of everyone from Led Zeppelin to R.E.M., will be letting loose alongside Glossary tonight at the Caledonia Lounge.

    The band is no stranger to Athens. Vulture Whale has played at Caledonia in the past and singer Wes McDonald “lived the rock star life” downtown for four years.

    He headed his previous band, The Ohms, before moving out to Birmingham and undergoing a name change.

    For the new album, McDonald dug down deep and pulled out something a little British.

    “This was the first time using a British accent. It was a fun tribute project of sorts to do, but I have no plans to sing like that all the time,” McDonald said.

    The band’s energy is shown in its light-hearted humor and witty banter — Wes insists he uses a vacuum as his main musical inspiration. The cheery quartet is known for putting on shows that leave everyone — including themselves — happy.

    “We’re an energetic bunch of guys, we’re all a bunch of friends. You’ll see us on stage, all sweaty and drinking a beer, just having fun,” McDonald said.

    The band is also currently in works to have famed Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth direct their newest music video.

    Also taking the limelight is Glossary from Murfreesboro, Tenn., whose blend of mellow rock, southern twang and vocal harmonies bring a perfect compliment to singer Joey Kneiser’s shapely voice.

    The band boasts an impressive résumé, having shared the stage with local favorites Drive By Truckers and punk rockers Against Me!, releasing their newest record “Feral Fire” on Lucero’s label Liberty and Lament, as well as a tour with Lucero through February.

    “We consider ourselves a live band. We don’t play with a set list, so we go wherever the show takes us,” Kneiser said. “We just want people to have a good time and listen to some rock and roll.”

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    Man! All these Dave posts!
    What's next?

    Dave running for congress
    Dave saves woman from burning inferno
    Dave given Nobel Prize
    Dave to star in next Batman
    Dave converts to Islam......Now goes by Davish Yusef Ali
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    Quote Originally Posted by SLEEPER5150 View Post
    Man! All these Dave posts!
    What's next?

    Dave running for congress
    Dave saves woman from burning inferno
    Dave given Nobel Prize
    Dave to star in next Batman
    Dave converts to Islam......Now goes by Davish Yusef Ali
    How about Dave is currently putting the vocals on the new Van Halen album.
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