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    02.16.19 @ 08:50 PM
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    A small Van Halen update for you. Nothing huge, as I am frustratingly still trying to work on something bigger, but in recent days there has been a couple of things to comment on.
    Firstly - rumors of Poison frontman Bret Michaels recording anything with Van Halen are just that - rumors. His management officially say those stories circulating are "untrue".
    However, the rumors could have started from news that Michaels, amongst several other singers (apparently including Vince Neil), have expressed an interest in the job.
    To put it simply, who wouldn't? Until the band officially announces a full time replacement singer, that role is the hottest job vacancy in rock n roll! Many singers have apparently been in contact with the band in one form or another.

    Also in the news is a new interview with Eddie Van Halen in Maximum Golf magazine. Hopefully the sports mag will include in the payment for the interview, some golf buggy driving lessons! In this interview, Ed is apparently blaming lawyers for delays in VH proceedings, adding that he and David Lee Roth were getting along fine. He ads that Dave even recommended a doctor to him - his uncle Dr Jack Roth in September - the last time they talked.
    If this is so, someone better check their story, as Dave's most recent VH related comments (in April this year) was a statement on his website claiming he was stunned to learn Ed had cancer and wished him well!
    Like I said a couple of months ago - it's all a part of the media game being played by all parties. But me thinks it's time to make some music now!
    I recently corresponded with guitarist Steve Lukather, good friend of Eddie, who on my request said the good news was that Ed has beaten his affliction and was doing well.

    What's next? Still working on that, but my opinion is that things are still up in the air.
    Dave is keeping in shape with an open-ended solo tour, Ed is concentrating on his health and the lawyers for all sides all stand ready. Sammy Hagar's been quiet recently, hasn't he?

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    i saw that earlier today. can't wait for the big report andrew is working on.
    "hello trouble! looking for a place to happen?"<br />dlr-6/23/01

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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