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    Default NYC Highschool Students Use DNA to Identify 95 Different Species, Product Fraud.

    Guided by DNA "barcoding" experts at The Rockefeller University and the American Museum of Natural History, Grade 12 students Brenda Tan and Matt Cost of Trinity School, Manhattan, also revealed a lot of apparent consumer fraud in progress, finding that the labels of 11 of 66 food products purchased at local markets misrepresented the actual contents.

    The January edition of BioScience magazine will report on their "DNA House" project.

    Among other things, Tan and Cost also found an invasive species of insect in a box of grapefruit from Texas. And the duo might get to coin a Latin name for what could be a new species or subspecies of New York cockroach revealed by DNA barcoding.
    Yay! A new cockroach! Finally!:

    Other animals the students found they were living with include:

    Genetically distinct cockroaches that might be a new species or subspecies. The specimens collected looked to be ordinary American cockroaches (Periplaneta americana) but their DNA differed by about 4 percent from the reference sequence (differences within species are usually 1 percent or less).
    "This might mean our specimens are a separate species or an isolated population within the species," says Tan.

    A strange-looking long-legged house centipede - an alien species that originated in Europe, and

    An Oriental latrine fly - an invasive species now in the southern United States. It was found inside a box of grapefruit shipped from Texas.
    Heh, do you know what I did in 12th grade science? I made a steamboat out of a milk carton.

    Kids today....
    "Nothing is ever what it seems but everything is exactly what it is." - B. Banzai

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    "Oriental latrine fly"? c'mon they had to have made that up!...."yeah, and that one's a North American Pecker Gnat"

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