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    05.31.14 @ 07:17 PM
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    Default Chimps Master First Steps to Control Fire. What Could Go Wrong?

    "It was the end of the dry season, so the fires burn so hot and burn up trees really fast, and they were so calm about it," Pruetz said of the chimps. "They were a lot better than I was, that's for sure."

    For the most part, wild animals consider fire very distressing, but the chimpanzees showed no sign of stress or fear with the wildfires, other than calmly avoiding the fire as it approached them.

    "I was surprised at how expert they were at handling the fire," Pruetz told LiveScience. "The fire was burning really hot, and the flames were at least 10 feet high, up to 20 feet at times."

    The apes were experts at predicting where the fire would go, Pruetz noted. "I could predict it, sort of, but if it were just me, I would have left," she said. "At one time, I actually had to push through them because I could feel the heat from the fire that was on the side of me and I just wasn't that comfortable with it."

    The researchers said that human control of fire involves three distinct stages:

    An understanding of the behavior of fire under various conditions that enables one to predict its movement, permitting activity in close proximity to it.

    The ability to control fire by containing it, providing or depriving it of fuel and perhaps extinguishing it.

    The capability to start a fire.

    So far Pruetz noted the chimpanzees they saw have mastered the first stage, which is the prerequisite to the other two. In fact, they are very aware of fire and its power — they have even developed a unique fire dance.
    Fire bad.
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    [On the House Un-American Activities Committee] "They'll nail anyone who ever scratched his ass during the National Anthem."- Humphrey Bogart
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