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    Default Cool Chickenfoot story - blog

    She tells a story of how she was kissed by Chad...after he SMACKED her!
    Sorry if this has been posted before

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    that's a great story!
    My chat with Mike & Joe from Chickenfoot 1/7/12

    With a real rockstar - Jason Becker.

    NEW single "Heavy Mellow" & The REMIX available on iTunes & worldwide on bandcamp!

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    01.28.16 @ 02:05 AM
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    Awesome story!
    "Keep honking buddy. I'm reloading..." -The Mard

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    " I know what you're thinking: "Do I want to watch Mard? We know that horses were very strong and could actually stop airplanes from flying away. The ones made out of stone called "statues" -- occasionally came to life and rode off is a colonial cliche. How many more times do we need to hear about how the oppressive Raj's wore villainous black capes, crafted cunning plastic masks to impersonate people, and drained all the blood from their slaves so they could keep the fluid in bottles in their dungeons? I mean, YAWN!

    But if you're willing to sit through this dry sort of historical drama one more time -- or even just this dry historical review -- you will not be disappointed. In fact, some of you might just learn something they didn't teach you in school!-
    MARD-The Movie



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