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    Default Hagar to turn Mill Valley's El Paseo into rustic tavern.

    Tidbits: Florence, Hagar to turn Mill Valley's El Paseo into rustic tavern

    Vicki Larson
    Posted: 10/06/2009 06:18:37 PM PDT

    Rocker/restaurateur Sammy Hagar and celebrity chef/cookbook author Tyler Florence may seemingly have nothing in common other than their hometown, Mill Valley, and a love of good food.
    But that's all they needed to join together for a venture that celebrates both. Hagar, who turns 62 on Oct. 13, and Florence, 38, have just signed a lease to take over El Paseo, the uber-romantic ivy-covered brick restaurant at 17 Throckmorton Ave. that dates back to 1948.

    If all goes as planned, El Paseo will open under the same name in mid-December. While the name may be the same, the menu - which was first traditional French and, more recently, an Asian interpretation of modern French cuisine - will be anything but.

    Think rustic American tavern but something more. "It doesn't necessarily have a label to it," says Florence. "It will be like Chez Panisse, but American rootsy, rustic. It will have a kinetic energy that makes sense in Mill Valley."

    Adds Hagar, owner of the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Sammy's Beach Bar & Grill in St. Louis, "It will be fine dining in a rustic setting."

    What does that mean? House-made charcuterie and home-cured local ham, an oyster bar, steaks dry-aged in-house, mostly organic seasonal food coming from "a bicycle ride away" and house-baked breads. Florence and Hagar also plan to open a bakery within the El Paseo complex.

    They describe the menu as "versatile," and while far from being finalized, it will feature about 10 to 12 small plates and entrees; nothing will be more than $30.
    An extensive wine list will include about 70 to 120 wines, including local and rare wines, and selections from up-and-coming vintners. "We're designing it to have a great wine program," says Hagar, who has been collecting wines for 30 years. El Paseo will also offer beer and artisanal hard ciders, which are making a comeback. Not Hagar's Cabo Wabo tequila, however; the restaurant only has a wine and beer license, and state regulations wouldn't allow it anyway.

    There will be seating for about 100 inside and - for the first time - outside as well, for about 40. It will be open for lunch and dinner and weekend brunch.

    The two are planning some renovations as well; the bricks will be whitewashed and patinaed, the carpets will be replaced by reclaimed hardwood floors and it will feature Spanish-American tile work. "We're paying attention to the building," Florence says.

    Which is exactly what Edna Foster had in mind when she redesigned the building, which features adobe bricks from Mexico, beams from the razed Fort Chronkite, Mount Tam railroad ties and tiles salvaged from San Francisco's 1939 World's Fair. The former chairwoman of the Outdoor Art Club had hoped the complex would attract artists to live and work there, which it did when it was finished in 1941. Culinary artists are carrying on that tradition.

    Florence and Hagar had been looking for the perfect spot in Mill Valley ever since Hagar suggested to Florence at a birthday dinner this year that they collaborate on a restaurant. When they couldn't find one, they approached Seigo Tekei and Tekei's wife, Japanese master chef Keiko Takahashi, about taking over El Paseo. It worked for all of them.

    Tekei and Takahashi, who live in Mill Valley, are close to signing a lease for a restaurant in San Francisco's Nob Hill, where, Tekei says, their upscale food will fit better. "It's going to be easier to attract people in the Nob Hill area. Eighty percent of our clients come from San Francisco," notes Tekei, who says the new restaurant will re-create the same romantic atmosphere and tasting menu.

    Florence, who had once considered opening a restaurant in New York City, where he lived for several years, as well as Bar Florence in San Francisco's Hotel Vertigo, is in the middle of opening Wayfare Tavern in San Francisco in the building that once housed Rubicon. That's set to open in February. He's also opening a limited menu "rotisserie and wine" restaurant with a wine and kitchen shop attached in downtown Napa's Riverfront, set to open in May.

    Despite all his projects (including a new season of his Food Network show, "Tyler's Ultimate," which he's now filming in New York), Florence says El Paseo - not too far from the 1926 Craftsman bungalow he shares with wife Tolan Clark Florence and children Hayden, Dorothy and Miles, and from Hagar and his wife, Kari, and their children Kama and Samatha - will get his special focus.

    "This is going to be my home," Florence says.
    .................................................. .................................................. ....
    I'll have to stop by.
    Haven't hung out in Mill Valley in a while.
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    Tyler Florence is a no talent tool......

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve mcqueen View Post
    Tyler Florence is a no talent tool......
    ...but Sammy's pretty cool...
    ...and in the end, on dreams we will depend...

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    Tolan Clark Florence

    That is the fruitiest name I have ever heard in my life.

    Tolan? What kinda of a name is that?
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    I know the name and that he's a Food Network person, but I don't really know anything about him. I don't recall ever seeing his show.

    I'm surprised that Sammy hasn't done anything business-wise with Emeril Lagasse. They've been friends for many years.

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    01.28.16 @ 02:05 AM
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    This is pretty cool.
    I think Sammy is often approached with idea's and when one makes sence, he goes for it.
    Been doing it for years...
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