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    07.18.18 @ 06:32 PM
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    Student Beat to Death

    I saw this yesterday. Made me so mad.
    God I wish I could have been there to help the kid. If I could then I'd go back in time and be there for him.

    This is graphic. They attack and kill young Derrion Albert. A 16 year-old honor student.

    CHICAGO (CBS/AP) Authorities hope a $6,000 reward will be enough incentive to lead to the capture of three more suspects in the beating death of 16-year old honor student Derrion Albert.
    Four teens have already been charged with murder for the vicious attack on Albert last Thursday, after the sophomore left the Christian Fenger Academy High School.
    Cell phone video footage shows a group of teens kicking and striking Albert with splintered railroad ties.

    Silvonus Shannon, 19, Eugene Riley, 18, Eric Carson, 16, and Eugene Bailey, 18, have been charged with first-degree murder. All four teens are being held without bond.

    Fucking animals. Rot in hell.
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    07.18.18 @ 06:12 PM
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    I want to know why. To me, there's no good reason, but I have to know what it is that drove these kids to this. We get a lot of stories of man's inhumanity to man in these forums, but more often than not, they are the tale of a single individual, maybe a pair of individuals. That's bad enough. But 7 kids acting in concert? Just boggles the mind - how do you come to that point?

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    07.17.18 @ 09:20 AM
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    I can't bring myself to view that video...
    "Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack. -- Gen. George S. Patton

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    07.18.18 @ 07:04 PM
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    sadly wruff you would have likely met the same fate had u been there to help. Sounds like the kid just happened to walk by a gang fight and somehow became a target.

    there are alot of savages in society. People that are rasied by animals and become just what we would expect them to become. Sadly a good kid loses his life and the 7 punks get to live. They should be chained to a wall and never see the sun again - even that wouldn't be enough. Instead they'll be out one day and bring more of their charm to society. It's pathetic. I don't know the answers to any of this stuff, I wish we could push the reset button on society and try again. The family unit has been destroyed in parts of society. It's not even a black/white issue as many will try to paint it, it's a smart people/moron issue. Idiots are breeding at a faster rate than good people and the problems just keep getting worse.



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