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    05.15.18 @ 02:01 AM
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    Relic Tele Quest

    Okay, here I go, satisfying a whim, that I really have no right doing (cuz I already own 10 guitars), but here go's.

    I want a Tele relic'd to hell with some very specific qualities.
    Of course, I'm posting this cuz' this is the place for guitar feedback.

    1) canary yellow (much like Fender Roadworn)
    2) Tele style neck w/ same dimensions as EVH Musicman
    3) Bridge p/u humbucker in single coil slot style
    4) Neck p/u for clean twang

    I have had pretty good luck with Warmoth, but I'm open to suggestions
    Amazingly, in my younger days, I HATED the look of Tele's, now at 43 yrs of age, I can't get enough. Builders have at it. Best - CV

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    10.26.16 @ 02:37 PM
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    This sounds like a great project.

    I believe Scott Fletcher right here on the links can make you a neck with the specs of an EVH Musicman. Also, USA custom guitars can make you one, but it would be REALLY expensive.

    You've got endless options for the body, but you'll just have to make sure that you get one with a neck pocket that fits the EVH neck specs, and you'll have to route out the little slot at the bottom of the pocket where the truss rod wheel sticks out of the neck.

    Guitar Fetish makes some mean tele pickups, and has a huge selection of noiseless and regular pickups.



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