Has anyone profiled the different guitar cabinets used over the years (especially the early ones)? I know there were ones that Eddie made, I think I even saw a photo where he was in a workshop and the 4x12 cabinets were not even covered yet (still wood colored). And i remember seeing walls of the white faced cabinets and they looked home-built. I think there were a few versions of these.

I'd be so interested in hearing about the different versions, quantities used, and speakers loaded. Even in the earliest photos I've seen there were stacks and stacks on his side... do you think they were all sent a signal?

BTW, how is that done, with some sort a mega-splitter? Or using power amps with a line out from the main head? I have four 4x12 cabinets, and once i learn about how to drive them I am going to sit down and learn to wire them correctly. Something to do about the final Ohms. I am shooting for all 16 speakers to wind up being 4 Ohms once them are all wired up. Should be a challenge 'cause the individuals speakers ohms all vary!